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    At DURHAM we specialize in producing a full scope of visual and tactical brand ideation that helps elevate your brand from start to finish. Using our creative skillset, we always execute compelling concepts that are tailored to meet the needs of your brand across multiple digital platforms. Providing you with nothing less than excellence.


    If we had to describe ourselves in three words, it would probably be – innovative, dedicated, and enthusiastic. Our culture sums up the personality of our brand, our values, traditions, and overall behavior. We create a positive, progressive workplace culture that drives engagement and increases employee performance and client satisfaction.
    Our personality is influenced by all the things we do, including the style of leadership, fun workplace practices, and out-of-office team building activities which all establish strong bonds and communication within our team.


    Your Goals Are Our Goals

    Leaving no opportunity or trend unexplored, we produce end-to-end services that fulfill various purposes on multiple digital platforms customized to your brand. We begin by taking time to understand your business, its goals, and the target market. We cater to all needs with bespoke requirements. Our professional services help market or advertise your business online, through SEO, social media, and paid channels. We focus solely on digital channels. Have a look at our many services below.

    The People Making It Happen

    At Durham, you will find an expanding agency of highly innovative, diverse experts excited to use their skillset to your brand’s potential benefit.
    The team understands the needs of your business, then provides full creative commitment to ensure those needs are met. We’re a hardworking
    team of passionate professionals dedicated to your brand and its objectives.


    Creative 00%

    Software development 00%

    UX and UI 00%

    Copywriting 00%

    Client service 00%

    Strategic thinking 00%

    Production 00%

    advertising agency


    Our strategy involves setting client-specific goals, determining the action needed to achieve those goals, and acquire the resources to execute the action.

    1. Campaign Development
    2. Brand Strategy
    3. Market Research
    4. Social Media Content Planning
    5. Email Campaigns
    6. Organic/Paid Social Media Campaigns
    7. Out-of-Home Campaigns


    Effective brand management strategies that will maximize consumer relevancy
    and competitive distinctiveness, strengthening brand value.

    1. Stock/Stills Photography
    2. Multimedia/Animation
    3. Tvc
    4. Pre /Post-Production
    5. E-Commerce Visuals
    6. Sound Production


    Our creative team monitors trends and develops the best-tailored concepts for marketing campaigns directed at your target market. A variety of creative design materials that serve across all digital platforms.

    1. Concept Development
    2. Retail Elements
    3. Marketing Campaigns
    4. Advertising
    5. Illustration
    6. Packaging Design
    7. Print Management


    We help you to communicate your ideas & stories through photography and film. From pre-production to post-production and everything in between. This includes setting up scenes, capturing raw footage, and then finally post-production editing.

    Brand Positioning
    1. Brand Development
    2. Corporate Identity
    3. Creative Direction
    4. Activations


    Data-driven solutions that utilize the latest programs and software. Combined with research and trends, our UX and UI offerings are made to create the best user experience for your consumers.

    1. Promote Your Brand, Product, Or Services.
    2. Ux/Ui Design
    3. Website, Mobile, Cloud Applications

    CRM Applications
    1. Ecommerce
    2. Ai & Machine Learning
    3. Chatbots

    Key Technology
    AWS, Node.js, Javascript, Python, PHP, React.js, Android, IOS

    Technology Project

    Planning and Implementation:
    1. System Analysis and Design
    2. Project Management
    3. Enterprise Architecture, Business Analysis,
    and Business Process Consulting
    4. Technical Documentation (UML and BPM)
    5. Research and Development
    6. Consulting, Coaching and Training
    7. Solution Architecture and Software Development
    8. Software Engineer Resourcing
    9. Business Process Automation Analysis and Implementation

    Key Industry
    Practice Areas:
    Startups, E-commerce, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics,
    Blockchain, FinTech, E-commerce, Advertising


    Directing and controlling the processing of inquiries. We make sure all business
    operations run smoothly. As a result of our commitment to excellence, our goal is to always deliver excellent work that is right on brief, right on budget, and on time.
    If you’re happy, we’re happy.

    1. Account Management
    2. Media Planning