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    Capfin ZAKA Campaign overview

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    Capfin ZAKA Campaign overview


    The ‘Capfin ZAKA’ campaign was presented as an ATL brief, to include a TV ad, radio ad as well as digital. This campaign served as a through-the-line campaign and volume driver.

    A gamification technique was used as the mechanism when developing an on-trend interactive campaign in a creative, unconventional manner, keeping in mind that physical activation has become seemingly difficult during pandemic periods.

    In the past, the norm was to have traditional competitions where people could engage physically at activation points, as well as digitally.

    With this campaign, we used a retention methodology to keep the customer engaged with the brand throughout. This served as an experiential offering, within the digital space. We had the gamification platform built to allow us to repurpose for future campaigns, to be themed and styled against this base accordingly.



    ● This campaign allowed customers to apply for a loan, be approved and then get a link which allows them to physically play the game on their cellphones. ● Customers play on a gameboard containing multiple tiles.When you click on one tile, it reveals the prize which is a percentage of the loan amount you applied for, back in cash. ● Entices people with an incentive while still encouraging them to follow through with the process of the loan application. Enabling us to keep the customer engaged throughout. ● The algorithm was designed to not give out the incorrect amount of cash back, eliminating errors or multiple plays. ● Unique code provided when someone wins.